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Halloween and Mental Health

Our Senior Writer and Editor, Jennifer Timer, writes articles on Medium. If you haven’t heard of/seen Medium yet, it’s a fantastic platform for readers with both free and paid versions. Check out Jen’s latest article in full here. Below is a snippet of what you will find when you log into Medium to read the full piece.

Approaching Halloween with a Mental Health Challenge 

It’s creepy, and it’s kooky. It’s altogether spooky. It’s not just the Addams Family; it’s Halloween.

Child in Superman Halloween Costume by bOB HOmer
Photo by bOB HOmer

All Hallow’s Eve is a great time for kids and adults alike. Especially in Western cultures. Dress up and let go. Shake your inhibitions, face your fears, and have a blast doing it.

But it can also be terrifying, scary, and disconcerting-and not because you attended a haunted house-but because you have, or someone you love has, a mental health challenge that complicates Halloween. Halloween can be an immensely stressful time of year for this half of the population.

Halloween and Your Mental Health


“How can you be depressed? It’s Halloween!” your friends might ask.  …

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Jen’s Latest Article on Medium: Halloween and Mental Health
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