Content Writing for Social Media

Establishing a rich
social media presence

At Lethologica, we are at the forefront of social media marketing. We are taking our clients to the next level by establishing their presence on all sorts of social media pages and platforms.

To be successful today, you must engage with your clientele in a new fashion. People want hyper-quick responses and hyper-local information. When you work with Lethologica to establish your online digital marketing presence, you ensure you are not being left behind in a digital dust and leaving money on the table!

Writing for Social Media

Social Media Packages

We work with clients to develop social media marketing packages based on their needs.

  • Are you a restaurateur or coffee shop owner who loves to Instagram food and drink pics? We can advise you how to increase your reach.
  • Are you a homebuilder or renovator? We need to get you on specific platforms that othe companies might not know about.
  • Everyone, and we mean everyone, should be on Facebook. Facebook is the most visited website on the planet. Let us help establish your Facebook presence and grow your business.

Social Media Engagement

Some businesses think that just creating a Facebook page is enough, but we truly understand the way that Google interacts with Facebook and other platforms to affect your business’ Google rankings. We would never just set you up a social media page and leave you hanging without discussing the nuances of posting and developing a plan.

Social Media Expertise

Do you know the best time and type of content for each specific social media platform?

Do you know when to post and when not to?

We do!

Our social media lead is twice certified in social media marketing and stays current on social media best practices so you don't have to!

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